Denounce to the international community

Denounce to the international community

Rural and urban women in Ecuador demand dialogue with results – Demand peace with social justice and an end to repression.

Diversas Autoras 28 jun 2022, 15:34

We call on the organizations of women, feminists, indigenous, peasants, unions, students, ecologists and others to show their SOLIDARITY in these difficult times that Ecuador is going through.

On Monday June 27, after 15 days of #ParoNacional in Ecuador, which kept roads blocked and mobilized indigenous, peasant and popular organizations throughout the country, the Ecuadorian indigenous movement began the process of dialogue with representatives of the five State powers. The political will to dialogue was the response to the belligerent and hostile attitude of Guillermo Lasso.

On the first day, the first answers were given to the 10 points that make up the National Struggle Agenda of this strike, the agreement was to continue the dialogue on Tuesday 28. However, the government’s response was to not participate, and to communicate the rupture of the dialogue process, after an attack by the military on one of the places of resistance of the indigenous communities in the Amazon, which resulted in the death of a military man in conditions that have not yet been clarified.

In this context, we, women’s organizations from the countryside and the city, present our position to the international community:

1. We reject the unilateral rupture of the dialogue process by the government of Guillermo Lasso.

2. We warn of the risk of confrontation between sectors of Ecuadorian society, since, along with the rupture of dialogue, officials of public institutions are being called to hold marches for “peace.”

3. We hold the government responsible for the safety of the community members who are in the different Peace Centers and shelters in Quito, and resisting in the different provinces. We demand that their lives and right to resistance be guaranteed.

We consider it fundamental, at this moment:

1. To resume the dialogue with concrete results, otherwise it is just another mockery towards the indigenous and popular organizations. Count on the presence of international organizations to ensure that these results are achieved.

2. Create an independent commission to determine responsibility for the events in the Amazonian province of Sucumbíos, which were used as a pretext by the government to interrupt the dialogue.

3. Demand, by all possible means, that the government of Guillermo Lasso cease its belligerent actions against the leaders of the indigenous and peasant organizations that led the strike. This only deepens the hatred and racism in the population.

The government must change its strategy, because instead of leading to an urgent and necessary pacification process in the country, the only thing it is provoking is to exacerbate tempers, a situation that could bring harmful results within the population itself.

#CeseLaRepresión #NoCriminalizaciónProtestaSocial

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