Resolution of the anti-war round table of the Left forces

Resolution of the anti-war round table of the Left forces

Joint anti-war statement of organizations of the Russian Left.

We, members of the Communist Party of the Russian Federation, the Revolutionary Workers’ Party, the Russian Socialist Movement, the Left Socialist Action, citizens of Russia who adhere to leftist and democratic views, in connection with the outbreak of hostilities on the territory of Ukraine, declare the following:

  • we condemn the decision taken by Russian President Putin V. V. to invade Ukraine, as this will lead to the death of thousands of people on both sides. The economic situation of the workers of both countries will worsen. The current invasion is only a satisfaction of the unhealthy foreign policy ambitions of a narrow circle of people in the country’s leadership, as well as a way to distract attention from the failures of the Russian government in domestic policy;
  • we demand that the Russian leadership immediately stop aggression against the fraternal Ukrainian people;
  • we call on all Russian citizens who adhere to leftist and democratic views to publish on their social media pages a demand to the Russian leadership to stop armed aggression against the fraternal Ukrainian people. We urge you to conduct anti-war agitation among your neighbors, relatives, colleagues and other citizens of Russia!

If the existing government is not able to provide peace to the peoples, then the way to it will lie through a radical change of this government and the entire socio-political system.

Evgeny Stupin (Communist Party of the Russian Federation)

Boris Kagarlitsky (Rabkor)

Grigory Yudin, sociologist

Mikhail Lobanov (University Solidarity Trade Union)

Kirill Medvedev (Russian Socialist Movement)

Alexey Sakhnin (journalist, ex-member of the “Left Front”)

Nikita Arkin (Left Socialist Movement)

V. Avramchuk (Revolutionary Workers’ Party)

Sergey Tsukasov, mundep Ostankino

Elmar Rustamov “Labor Russia”



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